Water Analysis

Laboratory analysis is an essential element of any effective water treatment program. In order to determine the most effective chemical program, an extensive audit on processes, content and variation of waste streams is critical. ACT Specialty Chemicals has its own laboratory facilities where a number of analyses can be run to help determine the effectiveness of chemical programs, and where and when to make changes. if necessary.

ACT can help you with your regulatory and compliance issues by working closely with certified laboratories who will test and record water and solids samples with the utmost competence, integrity and discretion.

ACT can test your waste water in our lab. Preliminary testing saves time and money. We can come up with a chemical program and give you a cost analysis on several different products to determine which one is right for you. Cost analysis can be done on a cost per pound, total cost per day, or cost per gallons treated basis. To get a free evaluation and cost analysis of your waste water, contact us.

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