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When forming ACT, the Principals recognized that trying to be all things to all potential customers in the waste water treatment business was, at best, a difficult proposition. Instead, they chose to focus on the industries where they are experts. So we offer water treatment solutions in the Pulp & Paper, Metal Finishing, Mining & Aggregates and Food Processing industries.
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ACT Specialty Chemicals offers an extensive product line for waste water and process applications in pulp and paper mills.
ACT has a complete line of precipitate chemistries that are effective over a broad pH range for the effective reduction and removal of chrome, copper, nickel, lead and zinc.
Products include coagulants and flocculants to reduce TSS and other impurities in treatment ponds to exceed discharge requirements in the most cost efficient manner possible.
ACT has an extensive line of GRAS approved organic, inorganic and blended coagulants and flocculants for clarification and sludge de-watering of food processing waste.

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