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ACT Specialty Chemicals is a small, but growing company looking for unique individuals to become part of our team. This is not a typical business where you are just a number. It is unlike any water treatment company out there. The owners are active participants who go out and work every day. They are on-site with customers and potential customers every day. The only candidates we are interested in are those that are skilled, hard working and not afraid to take a little risk for remarkable gain. We are not looking for employees really, but for partners who can join us and help grow the business through their contacts and experience in the business. We are willing to offer a large percentage of the profits, up to 30%, for any one that can help us increase our market share in industrial water and waste water treatment.

If you are a seasoned water treatment specialist who is fed-up with mergers, buyouts, and endless paperwork – then this is an opportunity for real career independence and a chance to get in on the ground-floor of a growing and talented company.

We are looking for additional representation throughout the United States and Canada. If you are looking for unlimited earning potential and true career independence, please fill out the form below.
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