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Established to Cater to the Growing Needs of Industrial and Municipal Customers

ACT Specialty Chemicals

ACT Specialty Chemicals was established to cater to the growing needs of industrial and municipal customers for custom product development to meet their individual water and waste water treatment requirements. ACT is a privately held company that offers the technology, product line and stability of a large company combined with the low cost products and “can do” attitude associated with a smaller one. The primary owners of ACT Specialty Chemicals have over 70 years experience in the chemical business with a diverse background including manufacturing, water treatment services and product development. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, this company provides products and services to customers throughout the United States. ACT wants to be your water treatment solutions partner.

Management Team

Al Supik

As co-founder, current shareholder and President & COO of ACT, Al is responsible for the direction, strategy and overall tone of the organization and operations. He brings his skills and experience from over thirty years in the industry working for major chemical concerns and assisting companies/municipalities in waste water treatment and process chemistry.

Frank Giglotti

As a shareholder, Executive Vice President & CFO, Frank is responsible for overseeing day to day operations at client sites and financial matters concerning the firm. He works closely with Al on insuring customers have the necessary tools and solutions to make their treatment programs successful. He also works closely with the Director of Administration on the day to day financial operations. Prior to joining ACT, Frank worked with a series of major management consulting firms where he worked on behalf of various manufacturing concerns, state and Federal environmental agencies and insurance/reinsurance carriers in developing, analyzing and applying environmental remediation techniques and financial studies for waste sites including waste water treatment.

Bridget Moriconi

As Director of Administration, Bridget has day-to-day responsibility for corporate functions as well as supporting and advising the shareholders on all financial matters concerning the firm. In addition, Bridget is responsible for day-to-day Finance & Accounting, Human Capital, Customer/Supplier Fulfillment priorities, among others. Prior to joining ACT, Bridget worked for series of large organizations where she was responsible for financial and budgeting duties and managing day to day administrative priorities.
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